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LOVE & STUFF is a multi-generational love story that starts with a good death, takes off with an unexpected birth and commits to the ride of a lifetime. I made this film hoping that it will inspire people to go through “stuff” with their beloveds while they are still alive – and to not be afraid to use the process, which can be very stressful and foreboding, to talk, make dark jokes, laugh and even have fun. I made it for “new” late-in-life parents like me who will literally grow old as their kids grow up. I made it for faith-based leaders, medical professionals, hospice workers, social workers, and elder care professionals to help them, help their congregants, patients, clients and families discuss end of life issues way before the end. I made the film so I would not have to be alone with what I knew might be some of the scariest — and most universal — moments of my life.

– Judith Helfand, filmmaker